Rontec awards a five-year contract to ICASA

Rontec Roadside Retail, one of the leading players in the UK forecourt industry and operating over 240 forecourts across England and Wales, has awarded a five-year contract to ICASA to manage the back and head office for its stations with their ICASA Energy Software Suite.

Wet & dry stock
Rontec station
‘We are near completing the rollout of the project, which is aiming at managing the full wet and dry stock for roughly 170 stations via the ICASA Energy Software Suite,’ Tom Cookson, Fuels & IT Director of Rontec explains. ‘One of the strengths of the ICASA Suite is that it is process driven and can be configured to reflect our own processes.


We can map or remap our business processes onto the ICASA Suite, for instance by making features available at HQ or station, changing layouts of reports, … The ICASA suite supports various operating modes within one system environment, which gives us the flexibility to make the desired business decisions and have a system to follow them through.’

‘As our wet stock recording is directly connected to the ICASA suite, we are able to centralize our stock levels, price management and transactional detail for all our stations. Based on the daily reports we can control and analyze the performance and the profitability of our stations, and make sure our customers get the best service possible.’

Flexibility in running our shops

‘The ICASA Energy Suite gives us a great deal of flexibility in running our shops, from perspective of allowing us to have multiple dry stock suppliers to best suit our operating model, overall and in a given station.
Running our shops is largely done using the handheld scanners and the ICASA Shop app. With this modern and neatly arranged mobile application the shop manager can manage his orders, deliveries, inventories, and expired products in a simple and efficient way. The app is interacting continuously and directly with the back and head office of the ICASA suite, which means up- and downloads and corrupt data transfers are definitively a thing of the past.’

Extensive reporting
Rontec station2 ‘The extensive management reporting on shop performance, article categories, wet stock control, … offer us very useful management info’, Tom Cookson continues. ‘Whether this is for the overall network or for a given region or brand, we can evaluate, take decisions and adjust wherever necessary thanks to the quick and granular data that we can collect and interpret in a simple way. ICASA provides us a flexible solution which perfectly matches the changing needs for information of our business.’

Strong and efficient Rontec-ICASA team

Rontec Roadside Retail
‘The roll-out is running smoothly, supported not in the least by the knowledgeable business support team as well as the highly technical IT team of Rontec, supported by our own team in second or third line. We ensure knowledge is being transferred to the teams in the process of going live, thus enabling Rontec to build up a knowledge center inside the company and allowing ICASA to run the systems in the background.

While the ICASA team transitions the stations to the ICASA suite, the capable Rontec team takes care of the on-site deployment and training of the users,’ Rudi Bollen, CEO of ICASA, concludes. ‘For us, success of this and any project is driven by the teams that make them happen!’

Grow with (the needs) of its customers 
For ICASA, customer satisfaction, innovation and quality go hand in hand. ICASA is continuously adapting and enhancing its cloud suite as the market and customers' needs evolve.
With technologies, business trends and customer expectations evolving at an ever increasing pace, ICASA is staying abreast of these new trends and incorporates them in its extensive portfolio of management solutions once sufficiently safe and mature technologies are at hand.

A single platform
The core strength of the ICASA Energy Software Suite lies in the fact that it offers a cloud platform and application to perform a company’s multitude of core functions end-to-end in a single environment. Standard dashboards with extensive details and configuration options offer its customers great added value to monitor and adjust matters where necessary.