XPetro becomes ICASA Energy Software Suite

The (energy) world is changing at a rapid pace, and as a technology partner for the energy sector we are following these changes closely, and of course we are evolving along with them. Moreover, we want to be a pioneer, a pioneer in offering innovative solutions for the management of all downstream/energy activities.

ICASA Energy Software Suite Due to the ever-evolving energy market and our own international growth, we’ve come to a point where the product name XPetro no longer is representative to its features and scope. With our cloud suite, we offer our customers a total solution for managing all kinds of energy. That is why we recently transformed the name XPetro into ICASA Energy Software Suite.

We are working intensively behind the scenes to further shape this repositioning. For example, we are already actively present at PetrolPlaza, the leading international online publication for the fuel retailing, fuel logistics and car wash sector.