XPetro 7.3 offers you more functionalities and flexibility

The past few months, we have been working really hard behind the screens on the expansion of the existing functionalities and on a new look & feel of XPetro. All this to increase the user-friendliness and the efficiency of the system.

 In short, an overview of some novelties.


  • Broader screens
    XPetro didn’t utilize the full width of the computer screen. But in version 7.3 the system does, which makes it possible to show more information on the screen and to project the content more clearly.

  • Extending menu tiles
    There are extending menu tiles provided on the left side of the screen. In this way, we save a lot of space on the screen. If you hoover over the menu, the selected items jump out.

  • Expanded research possibilities
    From now on, you can do research directly from the grid. If you want to search on other parameters than the ones from the grid, you can make an appeal on the research possibilities visible on the top of the screen. You can hide them and recall them by clicking on the three dots.

  • Generating letters and documents
    We provided a functionality in which you can generate and print certain documents or letters

  • Join inventories
    Version 7.3 offers you the possibility to join different counting of inventories (without overwriting them).

  • Different lay-outs for shop labels
    In the new version, you can print shop labels and there are different lay-outs per article.

  • Extra info on pop-up screen
    In the transactions, the possibility exists to recall more information than the information from the grid. If you hoover the mouse over a line, you can see a pop-up screen with additional details.