'Gas oil extra' disappears and is now ‘gas oil-diesel’

As we communicated before, new types of diesel fuel are allowed on the Belgian market as from July 23rd 2018. The RD of July 8 2018 (concerning the naming and the characteristics of the gas oil-diesel and of the fuels) changes the RD of September 19 2013. That degree only allowed diesel on the Belgian market that answered to the European norm EN 590.


Benaming diesel The official name of 'gas oil extra' disappears with the arrival of new types of diesel fuel. This product should be mentioned as 'gas oil-diesel' on the official document for sale and delivery since gas oil extra is a denatured diesel (and thus answers to the European norm EN 590).

The sheer mentioning of 'gas oil extra' is no longer allowed as from July 23 2018. This designation can be complemented with a clear addition such as ‘not for road transportation’ or ‘(gas oil-extra) to avoid confusion for the customer.


However, Brafco pointed out to the FOD Economics that it is impossible to implement this adjustment on time given the holiday period in July and August. As a consequence, the FOD Economics will apply a policy of tolerance during the first weeks. However, they do urge to all parties involved to make sure they operate conform the legislation.

Is your business not really there yet? Make sure your invoices, order forms, delivery forms and of course your service stations are adjusted to the new naming as quickly as possible.

* Source: Brafco